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A massive commercial grinder at a home grinder price.  They are open box units that are like brand new (not even coffee oils in the hoppers)!!


If you can fit one in your kitchen, you can grind coffee like the pro's and never think about replacing burrs for the rest of your life ;)

Bunn MHG

SKU: 072504109398
$1,350.00 Regular Price
$850.00Sale Price
  • Features:

    • The BUNN BrewWISE brewer reads the information in the Smart Funnel, adjusts the recipe, and brews a perfect batch of coffee
    • USB port for easy programming
    • Easy-to-use front-loading bean hoppers allow quick access for coffee change-outs, bean replenishment, and cleaning
    • Compatible with both BUNN BrewWise and non-BrewWISE brewers, as well as other makes of batch brewers of up to 1.5 gallons capacity
    • BUNN BrewWISE wireless functionality assures error free operation: Intelligent Smart Hoppers communicate the type of coffee being used to the grinder