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Moccamaster CDT Grand 1.8L The world's best home coffee maker. The only home coffee maker that achieves & maintains the perfect water temperature for brewing. Approved by the Specialty Coffee Association of America & Europe as well as the European Coffee Brewing Centre.Model 39340

Technivorm Moccamaster CDT Grand

SKU: 8712072393400
  • To extract the most desirable flavors from coffee, the grounds must contact water & remain at a temperature between 195-205 degrees F. Technivorm is the only manufacturer that is using a powerful enough heating element and a temperature control unit to achieve this. The standard home coffee maker struggles to reach 176 degrees F, which will produce undesirable flavors in your cup.

    We only recommend the Grand series from Technivorm because of the spray head assembly.  The smaller units disperse the water into the center of the grounds, often leaving half of the grounds dry.  The Grand series dispenses the water on a drip tray, evenly dispersing the water over the grounds like a commercial coffee maker.

    If you already have a smaller Technivorm, fear not.  Artisan Smith has you covered with an aftermarket spray head made from machined stainless.

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