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A Day in the Life of a Coffee Bean

We are a hands on company.

Mocha Martini

  1. 2.5 oz Chocolate Vodka

  2. 1 oz Tugboat Coffee Argonated™ Cold Brew


This concoction has 35mg of caffeine

Cold Fashion

Forget Vodka RedBull, Try a Cold Fashion
  1. 1.5 oz Bourbon

  2. 0.5 oz Simple Syrup

  3. 0.5 oz Cocoa Liquor

  4. 1 Bottle Underberg

  5. 2 Dashes Orange Bitters

  6. 1.5 oz Tugboat Coffee Argonated™ Cold Brew


This concoction has 53mg of caffeine, ~8g of sugar, ~35 calories and ~2.75 shots of liquor



Visiting Finca El Injertal in La Democracia, Huehuetenango, Guatemala & Other Small Producers

We went with a long list of objectives, but building a stronger relationship with an integral supplier was our primary focus.

Brewing Videos

Hario V60

You've probably all seen a local barista prepare a pour over.  What you probably haven't seen, is a barista properly prepare a pour over.  Similar to the Chemex you need to add very small amounts of water to maintain the slurry temperature.  Enjoy!!


How to properly brew with the Technivorm Moccamaster.

We recommend purchasing an aftermarket shower head from Artisan Smith.

Also pick up an Essato base if you have a Baratza.  They have discontinued it, so you have to order it ASAP.


With a large surface area, it is difficult to brew a great cup of coffee in a Chemex.  But with the correct method, you can produce a super-clean cup that highlights the subtle flavors in the coffee.  The trick is adding very small amounts of 200-203 degree water, in order to maintain a slurry (grounds+H20) temperature greater than 195.  If the slurry drops below 195, you will begin to extract undesirable flavors from the coffee. 


There are hundreds of different methods to use the AeroPress.  This is our favorite.  In fact, this is how we make our coffee every morning!

Power Lifting with Cold Brew


A podcast from the beginning of the business, so much has been learned & changed in a few years.

Nothing Important Podcast
Be sure to like their facebook page & subscribe to their Podcast!

Informative Chicago coffee roaster videos, recipes & brewing instructions

PodCast Interview During COVID

A podcast during COVID-19

Learning From Smart People
Be sure to like their facebook page & subscribe to their Podcast!
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