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Icky Thump - Imperial Stout with Kenya AA

Smells Like Bean Spirit - Coffee Stout

Imperial Smells Like Bean Spirit - Coffee Stout

Smells Like Bean Spirit - Cafe Con Leche

Smells Like Bean Spirit - Double Maple

Smells Like Bean Spirit - Decadent

Smells Like Bean Spirit - Vanilla

Smells Like Bean Spirit - Blueberry

Super Imperial Smells Like Bean Spirit - Double Everything

Own Worst Enemy - Tanzania Peaberry Stout

The Velvet Coffee Ground - Triple-Infused Tanzania Peaberry Coffee Oatmeal Stout

Magical Mystery Kind - Cold Brew Cascara and Ethiopian Natural Guji Infused Saison

Drunken Lullaby - Milkshake Coffee IPA

I Misu - Tiramisu Inspired Milk Stout with 5.5 gallons of Brewed VOIMA Espresso Blend, Lady Fingers & Cocoa Nibs

The New Workout Plan - Walnut, Toasted Coconut & Guatemala/Brazil Blended Coffee, Brewed with Horus Aged Ales from Oceanside, California

Falling Colors - Coffee Infused Porter

Mocha Warli - Coffee Infused Oatmeal Stout with Vanilla and Cocoa Nibs

Henna Cafe De Olla - Imperial Stout with Cocoa Nibs, Coffee, Cinnamon and Vanilla

Dodging Traffic - Imperial Stout with Ethiopian Natural Guji

Pressed - Coffee Porter

Toke-A-Mocha - Coffee Blonde Ale with Hemp Flour

Fun Size Coffee - Snickers Bar Coffee Stout


Orenda Volume 1 with Cascara - Cascara Belgian Quad

Fruhauf - Coffee Infused Oktoberfest Lager

Coffee Bock - Malty Dark Lager with Coffee

Big Red Tugboat - Coffee IPA

Side Note Choco-Latte - Imperial Coffee Stout with Cocoa Nibs

BigTime Breakfast - Coffee Infused Brown Ale with Maple Syrup and Cinnamon

Coffee Coconut Inner Winner - Red Coffee IPA with Toasted Coconut (Flight of Guatemala Infused, Nitro Pour and Peruvian Infused, Carbonated Pour) 

Tepoztecatl - Imperial Coffee Stout with Vanilla and Cinnamon

Contrapasso - Imperial Coffee Stout with Vanilla

Scorched Earth Brewing Company

Secret Agent Goldbrew - Coffee Infused Golden Milk Stout

Imperial Stout of Impending Doom - Imperial Stout with Sumatra

Magic Formula for Peace - Imperial Oatmeal Stout with VOIMA Espresso Blend and Orange Peel

Buckley - Imperial Coffee Stout

Buckley Lite - Coffee Stout

Kentuckley - Imperial Bourbon Barrel Coffee Stout

Covfefe - Golden Sour with Coffee

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